About the artist
1961 Born, London
1966-1972 Sherbrooke School, Fulham, London. Primary Education
1972-1980 Chelsea School, (now adult education institute) London.
Secondary Education
1985-1987 Southwark College, Diploma in Vocational Design
1987-1989 Barnet College, Higner National Diploma in Graphic Design
1989-1997 Graphic Designer working in London studios
1997-2002 Running my own design business in London
2002-2005 University of East London, BA (Hons.) in Fine Art, Studio Practice
2006-2007 University of East London, MA Fine Art, Studio Practice

I was born in London in 1961. Growing up in London in the 1960's and 70's and going to school in the Kings Road was an interesting experience for me. The fashions were flamboyant and I relished the day when I could leave school and create my own individual style.

I remember when one sunny afternoon, I was standing outside my school in May 1975 (Chelsea School) in Hortensia Road and I looked in the direction of the Fulham Road and saw Quentin Crisp, (from the book and film The Naked Civil Servant, played by John Hurt) walking in "full flower" and dressed to impress. He was in process of being interviewed by a journalist and as I understand, the interview was about his book and the film that had just been released.

I took an interest in art whilst at Chelsea school and stayed on to complete my 'A' Level in Art. I was advised however to enter into commercial art as "fine art was not a career" and reluctantly studied graphic design. I worked as a designer until 2002 eventually realising that "one has to be true to ones self" to succeed in any field and it is for this reason that I decided to address my "demons".

In 2006 I studies for a masters in fine art studio practice, as well as painting I specialised in photography. My photographs are now being exhibited on the Saatchi website; where you can view my photographs.

In my BA (Hons.) in Fine Art I also specialized in studio practice, however my speciality was in painting. My expertise was initially in watercolour portraits (one of which can be seen in my Portfolio in this website) The Watercolour painting of Richard Wilson was created during my during my degree in art at The University of East London, Wilson was working on an installation for his exhibition at the Tate. Richard Wilson was a Turner Prize winner in 1989.